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In the Second quarter of SFF-LD project, rehabilitation /construction of three (3) infrastructural sub-projects; Rehabilitation of 5.5 KM road in Jowhar, 3.5 KM road in Baidoa and construction of law courts in Kismayo, were officially launched by the ministry of finance of FGS in collaboration with the relevant Federal Member States; Hirshabelle, Jubbaland and South west states. The three launch events happened in Jowhar, Baidoa and Kismayo on 18th June, 9th July and 19th July 2017 respectively.

During the launch of road rehabilitation in Jowhar, the deputy president of Hirshabelle Mr. Ali Abdullahi Hussein noted that he has been working with the SFF-LD during the consultation as the governor of middle Shebelle region and termed the processes of consensus building and prioritization as the most open and inclusive he had ever seen.

In all the three launch events, we had the Minister of Finance of FGS H.E. Abdirahman Du’ale Beyleh and State Minister of FGS Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Hayir leading the SFF-LD team and other delegates including parliamentarians from the relevant federal member states.

At the launch of Law courts in Kismayo,  The State Minister for finance of FGS noted that this project would significantly contribute in the government effort of reviving justice sector, which has been heavily affected by the prolonged lawlessness in the country for the past two and half decades. He said the project is a foundation block for both social and economic progress in the state and will enormously contribute in the peace and state building goals set out in the national development plan. The minister informed the audience of upcoming infrastructural projects in Garbaharey district and the drought response activities the FGS is planning to rollout in Gedo region to promote communities resilience to drought and famine.

One of the most significant highlight of the three (3) launch events is the Baidoa visit, where the Minister of Finance H.E. Abdirahman Du’ale Beyleh pledged to support construction of additional 3.5 KM road in condition the current road rehabilitation is completed within set time frame and with highest standard quality. In addition, the Governor of Bay region promised to match the Ministry of Finance and Federal Government of Somalia in every construction or rehabilitation project, In this case match with 3.5 roads rehabilitated project.

Lastly but not the least, the SFF-LD project is yielding positive results in bringing the people closer to its government at both central and state level. Apart from that, it is significantly contributing in building trust between the FGS and the states. The deputy president of Jubbaland Mr. Mohamud Sayid reiterated the importance of the project and termed the launch event as historic as it is the very first time the FGS has brought development project to Jubbaland state.






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