Ministry of Finance of Somalia Kick-Starts The Emergency Contingency Component of SFF-LD – Prevention Is Better Than Cure


MOGADISHU, 30th of December 2017, Ministry of Finance has signed a contract with BRCiS Consortium worth of $2.8 million to implement Emergency Contingency Component of the Special Financing Facility for Local Development Project aiming to improve access to water facilities for populations all year round and reduce water-related diseases.


The severe drought of 2016-2017 had a devastating impact on communities and their livestock. This resulted in displacement of communities from rural areas to cities, large-scale of crop failure, death of livestock, increased malnutrition and water-related diseases.


In response to the current and future drought in Somalia, the Ministry of Finance of FGS in support of the World Bank triggered the Component 3 – Emergency Contingency Component, which is a component of SFF-LD (Special Financing Facility of Local Development) program. The $2.8 million budget has been obtained from the World Bank SPF Window and will target one severely stricken district in each of the five Federal Member States.


To implement this component, the Minister of Finance of FGS has signed a contract with a group of INGOs Consortium (BRCiS) to rehabilitate key water sources such as Boreholes, Shallow Wells, Water Tanks and Water Harvesting Berkeds. This in turn will ensure populations have access to strategic water sources all year round and prevent water-related diseases.


“The allocated budget is not enough, but is a sign that a lot more is to come and this Drought Response Project will contribute to the most affected areas in the five Federal Member States in water supply and management”, said H.E. Abdirahman Duale Beileh.




Contract Signing between MoF Minister, H.E. Abdirahman Duele Beileh and NRC’s acting Country

Director, Mr. Barnabas Asora. Credit: PIU Photo


NRC’s acting Country Director, Mr. Barnabas Asora added that: “the intention is to target strategic water sources through rapid drought response initiative and within the next six-eight months will be able to support thousands of Somali people to respond effectively to drought and also effectively build their resilience to handle drought shocks”.


The objective of Special Financing Facility for Local Development (SFF-LD) program is to support the construction and reconstruction of new and damaged infrastructure for local service delivery in targeted areas of Somalia and supports the development of public investment management functions.


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