New Partnership between Ministry of Finance and BRCiS Consortium


MOGADISHU, 30th December 2017 – Ministry of Finance of FGS has pioneered a new partnership with BRCiS consortium in drought response efforts. In this partnership the FGS is aiming to gain progress on two fronts; Strengthening government systems to readily respond to emergency shocks and also developing relationship with INGOs and leveraging consortium’s expertise in water sector. The Ministry of Finance of FGS has secured USD 2.8 million from World Bank’s State and Peace building Fund, to support FGS in building community resilience and avert recurring drought shocks.

The project is aimed at targeting vulnerable drought affected population, in improving their accessibility to water all year round. The project is equally targeting all five (5) member states and it will mainly focus in rehabilitation of key water source, including; Water Pans & Berkeds , Boreholes Shallow Wales, Rainwater catchment.


MoF Minister H.E. Abdirahman Ducaale Beyle Signing Contract , Credit: SFF-LD PIU PHOTO


“I am pleased that the Ministry of Finance was able to secure this funding, and I am confident the successful delivery of the milestones set for this project, will allow more finances to be channeled through the government system.” Mr Abdirahman Beyle, Minister of Finance, FGS.

NRC Acting Country Director, Mr Barnabas Asora, echoed the same message noting that the partnership will allow immediate response to the drought shock and applauded the FGS initiative in leveraging BRICs consortium expertise in the water sector.


PIU Coordinator Ali Haji Adan (left), MoF Minister, H.E. Abdirahman Ducaale Beyle (Middle) & NRC Acting

Country Director, Mr Barnabas Asora


PIU team, Minister of Finance and NRC during the Contract Signing event


PIU team, Minister of Finance and NRC during the Contract Signing event 


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